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Join VR's free Veturi customer loyalty programme to be among the first to receive information on services from VR and its partners. In addition, it is easier for you to use our services when your information is already saved in our data systems and when you buy your tickets logged in your tickets are safe in My information.

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Veturi is the VR loyalty programme for consumer-customers over the age of 16. Those under the age of 18 require the permission of a parent or guardian. Our corporate customers are served by our Corporate Services .

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Your e-mail address is your username that you use to log into Veturi. The username may have 6-50 characters. It may have lower and upper case letters a-z, numbers and a full stop (.), a @ sign and a hyphen (-). Only letters and numbers may be immediately before an @ sign.

The password may have 8-16 characters. The password must have lower case letters and numbers. The password may not be the same as the username.

Personal information

Authorisation as Veturi customer with driving licence or ID card bar code

ID card identification can be activated by giving the final part of your personal ID number. Your ID number will not be saved in the systems unencrypted. In addition to an ID card you can use a Veturi mobile card as authorisation at stations and R-kiosks. Hey conscript, click on the question mark!

ID card identification is possible only with a Finnish ID number and a Finnish ID card, Kela card, or driving licence. Your ID number will not be stored in a client register unencrypted, nor can the original information be retrieved from the resulting sequence of characters. When the service is taken into use, authorisation is always by bar code. You can deactivate ID card authorisation in your Personal Information. Uncheck the box and save the changes. As a result of this action the system will delete the row of characters formed by your personal ID number. As a conscript<7B<, you can reserve a seat by clicking on the choice box and entering the final part of your personal ID number. By providing your identity number you can in future sign in as a Veturi customer using your personal identity card.

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Enter your car details the fields below. Your contact information and car details are stored in the system to make buying tickets quicker and easier. Filling in car information is not compulsory.

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